Year Three, Week Thirty-One – Leah


I’m not sure how many more times I’ll be posting about the Shinil High School baseball team, but for now… here’s another!
I went to one of their games for the first time the other night (we won!) and in many ways it was just like any other high school baseball game I’ve been to. But there were several ways it was different.

1. I found out this week that all of the major league baseball teams in Korea have at least one player that was recruited from Shinil High School where I work. No wonder they’re so famous! In looking around at this game, I noticed several official looking men with clipboards and a watchful eye. I wondered if they were recruiters. (Our team currently has an amazing pitcher!)
2. The parents who came to watch the game sat in an interesting way. All the dads sat together and all the moms sat together, separately. So we would sporadically hear cheers of all female voices or all male voices.
3. In this picture, the last thing is shown. The teams bowed to each other, to the fans from their own school, and to their coaches after the game was over, making it a distinctly Korean/Asian baseball game.

What a cool experience!