Year Three, Week Thirty-Seven – Leah


I love this picture… The Korean on the bicycle, the taxis lined up underneath the train tracks…
Also, if you look closely, above the closed food-booth. There’s a sign that says ‘Toilet’ in English and Korean with a man and woman in blue and red. As you can see, its in amongst the street signs.
I thought this was cool to capture because, in Korea, many cafes, stores, and restaurants that would normally have their own restroom if they were built American-style, don’t here. Instead, many businesses, which are stacked on top of each other… basement, first, second, third, fourth floor locations… all share a central hallway and staircase of some sort where one restroom is located. Which is why it makes sense to put it on a sign with the street signs… there is probably a public restroom in a hallway between businesses just down the street.