Year Three, Week Three – Leah


This is a corner behind the train station exit Wendy and I come out of to walk to our house. I see so much interesting stuff around this exit… but this back corner always catches my eye, usually because its filthy. I had NEVER seen it this bad though. I love this picture because it captures the true vibe of where I live.
You might think it’s odd that I’d want to post a picture of something so dirty looking. But I see so much here that breaks my heart and pushes me to tell the world about it.
The story with what I see here starts with my job in a Korean high school. In conversations I’ve had with my students (beautiful, beautiful girls!) I’ve learned more and more of the reality of what life is like for them as a Korean high schooler. There is so much pressure, so little sleep, so much emotional pain rooted in the strictly performance-based-acceptance that they do or don’t receive from their parents… and beyond that, an ache to be free and happy.
This results in an unusually high, gripping, hold-out for the college life (I live by a college campus and I see this unleash happening all the time) where they CAN break free. To them, this means doing what they can to forget about everything real and numb the pain. -They have specifically expressed to me their desire to drink and be drunk; to just get to finally do what they want. I can totally see where they’re coming from… But oh how it aches to see their brokenness poured over with what will not satisfy and mend.
I pray, and you could to, that they would find actual freedom and deep deep acceptance in Jesus.