Year Three, Week Twelve – Leah


To The Different: The world dessert cafe.
This is the newest addition to the main strip where Wendy and I live. It is one of 3 dessert cafes within 10-second-walking radius; all visible from each others entrances. These popular cafes usually serve stuff like coffee, cake, smoothies, and bingsoo (shaved ice with fruit or cookies crumbled on top and a dollop of ice cream) – kind of an after-dinner-stop type place in the Korean food/eating culture. They are also occasionally on the second floor of a building, like this one. In Korea, second, third, forth, and fifth floors are used for shops you would only see on the 1st floor in America because when you have so little space and many, many people, you must build up and not out.
This cafe, was distinct from the others because of its name. I have a couple ideas as to what “To the different” means… but I’m not quite sure that I’ll ever be sure.