Year Three, Week Twenty-One – Jessica


Part of my life as an expat is attempting to finding a balance between real life (ie cleaning, bills, kids, and needing to care for my introverted self) with my desire to play tourist.  We know that we only have 22 months left in Asia and we want to make the most of it.  In reality, this balance eludes me.  We tend to ride more of a roller coaster in this particular area of life.  During some seasons we’re cramming in as many palace tours and cultural experiences as we can and during other seasons we’re content to stick with what we know.  We’re in a pretty calm season right now, enjoying the familiar.  It’s a sweet time and I’m enjoying it.  One of our favorite, familiar things to do is for the kids and I to meet my husband when he gets off of work and eat at Casablanca, a little Moroccan sandwich shop in Haebangchon.  It’s a cozy little place (although much larger than it was before they took over the neighboring space!) to relax, have some great food, and watch the traffic go by.  Who needs balance anyway?

  • Bethany - I just had a farewell dinner with a friend there this week. So delicious!ReplyCancel