Year Three, Week Twenty-Six – Leah


Her style caught my attention.
The position from which this photo was taken is one that I stand in almost every day on my way home from work. I usually get a seat on the train in the morning, but coming home its often much more full and what’s left is (comfortable) standing space. You stand right in front of a seated person while holding on to the hanging handles so you don’t fall from the train’s movement.
One advantage of having an American-made cell phone is that it’s built in camera can be silenced. Korean phones don’t have this option unless you want to download a special camera application. So, I often use my phone camera to capture moments like this one on the train that I couldn’t otherwise.
Her style caught my attention…
because she was wearing only white. Coat, sweater, pants, and bag…
oh and her hair and phone case.

  • Dina - So true!! I took a lot of photos on my cell phone while I was there. That’s amazing she is the color opposite of goths. I love it!ReplyCancel