The use of mirrors is free and shameless here in Korea. Whether it be a car window, a cellphone camera, or a real mirror… almost anywhere I go, I see people looking at themselves. They view themselves from various angles and do various things in front of the mirror. This type of self-indulgment in public has actually become quite normal to me. Because of this, I’ve found myself feeling more comfortable looking at my own reflection in a window when I pass one… something I’d be concerned with anyone seeing me do if I was in America. But here, everyone does it so no one notices.

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On certain days, it quite clearly shows my heart to be centered on myself more than I’d like to admit, but I praise Jesus for his redemption from my flesh, the strength of his Spirit to help me fight love of self, and his sure promise to one day bring me fully out of it.

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  • Dina Farmer - Amazing I did not know they were so obsessed with looking at them selves but it makes since, because South Korea is the top place in the world to get cosmetic surgery and I think it’s something like 1 in 5 people there have altered their face in some way.ReplyCancel