Year Two, Week Eighteen—Amber



From upper left, clockwise: Large tray of lettuce leaves and veggies to dip and wrap the meat in. Small silver container of white rice. Seaweed soup. Some sort of soy sauce marinate to put the meat in before grilling. Meat, sliced thin like bacon. The Korean version of miso soup- with a spicy korean twist- I have begun to crave this! Soybean paste to dip meat in then wrap in lettuce. Long metal spoon and metal chopsticks. Water glass. Wet napkin that you are supposed to wash your hands with before eating. Mackerel in a sweet red sauce. Kimchi. Vinegary dip for meat. Large Cass beer. Some other sort of veggie dish. An oniony dish. No idea. Vinegary radish cut into long strips. Some sort of ham side dish. Center: Grill with meat and garlic cloves.

Floor seating. Friends. Fun. Korea.

  • Sherri - I LOVE this! such a great overview and honest description of all the stuff that comes in/around a Korean meal. And I love your socked feet. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Dina Farmer - It’s just not the same as in the states! I simply can’t wait to try it out when I go see my hubby in Korea! Looks out of this world yummy!ReplyCancel