Year Two, Week Eleven—Amber


My husband and I got the chance to sneak away for dinner and a movie this week. We love going to movies in Korea. There are many reasons I love it- one being the ease of reservation. You go online (to an English website!) and buy tickets and they give you seat assignments based on where you prefer to sit in the theater. You get your confirmation via text message then all you have to do is show up at the theater and show the cashier your phone and you are issued tickets. Often when I have purchased a ticket I will get a text later in the day saying that I have been moved to better seats in the theater. Yay! Let’s be honest though- my main love of going to the movies here is because of the popcorn. We even rationed our dinner consumption at one of our favorite restaurants to save room for it. You have the choice between onion popcorn, regular buttered, caramel corn, and probably more…but the best thing is that you can choose two flavors in one bucket. We love to get caramel corn and buttered popcorn and mix a little of each in each bite. We could also have gotten some fried squid to munch on while we watched our movie, but we passed on that…;)

  • Bethany - I have yet to see a movie at a Korean theater. Now that I have this link, I am going to make it happen. Thanks!ReplyCancel

  • trishsix - I love how they do movies here!
    That is our favorite combo too!!ReplyCancel