Year Two, Week Eleven—Guest

Night Gangnam

My husband dislikes the term “date night.” Years ago he said that we would never have one, because we shouldn’t have to set aside a specific night for us to go out together, a valid point. However, I was still intrigued by the idea. One evening we went to dinner in Gangnam and were mesmerized by all the restaurants we wanted to try. I suggested that we come back once a week to visit a new place. We agreed on a day to venture out on and to take turns selecting a new place to dine. Unfortunately, after about two months my husband realized that “try a new restaurant in Gangnam on Tuesdays” night was actually a date night. Luckily, he was hooked by that time, and we continue our outings! Sometimes our dinner dates turn into photo dates, and I am able to capture a quick moment in this fast paced city. So, this is how we see Gangnam, one restaurant at a time.

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  • Amber - This photo blows me away, Bethany! I LOVE IT! I also love how you tricked your hubby into date night! 🙂 Well done.ReplyCancel

  • Cindy - Your photos are AWESOME!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Kelly - I also dislike the term date night. And while we’re at it, I dislike the term play date too. (Although I use them both.) Anyway, love your picture. And I hope we get to find out what some of these restaurants are!ReplyCancel

  • Bethany - Thank you! I’m keeping a list of our favorite new places. I’ll definitely share it sometime soon 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Trish - I for one LOVE the term ‘date night’ and I love that after 4 kids & 19+ years of marriage my husband and I still have them! But that’s not what this is about….this is about your AMAZING photo! You rock girl! I cannot love this enough!ReplyCancel

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