Year Two, Week Fifteen—Amber


In all of our discussion about coffee on this blog (um, yeah, coffee lovers? That’s us! And Koreans too….), we have talked mainly about the abundance of coffee shops. We have seriously neglected the other two coffee options on the blog…instant coffee packets and pre made coffee in cans and jars. At every convenience store there are rows and rows of choices of different coffee brands and flavors (canned caramel macchiato anyone?). And for under a dollar fifty per can, it is a bargain to get your caffeine fix this way! Another option is the instant coffee (my personal favorite here). Starbucks has nothing on the taste and price of these little packets of yum. Each packet is made for a dixie cup size so it takes several packets to make an American-sized beverage but it is the perfect afternoon pick-me-up. Some of my favorite restaurants also have free (!) or 100 won (10 cent) options of the instant coffee that you can have post stuffing yourself on Shabu Shabu or post Korean bbq. Yeah, Korea- you do coffee right!

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