Year Two, Week Fifty-Two – Leah


All around Seoul you can find evangelists like this man. They often have a megaphone, a microphone like he does, or just a really loud voice. They are also usually avoided by all passers-by. I’ve seen them most in the really public places – standing on street corners and walking through train cars on the subway – and there are always a million questions that pop into my head when I see them.
My life belongs to Jesus and I love to see His name proclaimed. But I also know that there is a lot of religion in Korea… and in the world… that isn’t what it appears to be on the outside. I’m also a firm believer in relationships being one of the most effective ways to spread the good news of Jesus. All that said, a lot of my questions about the legitimacy of these evangelists are left unanswered… but whether they’re legit or not, the kind of boldness they have is sometimes convicting.

  • Dina Farmer - I saw that for the first time in DC and I was so shocked I had no idea what was going on. Because we don’t really have that in other places I’ve been but I’ve spent a lot of my life overseas….ReplyCancel