Year Two, Week Five – Cindy


Can we just talk fashion here for a minute? While I was waiting in line at Everland with my typical tourist theme park attire on (sensible, comfortable shoes and not too tight pants to make room for churros and raspberry pino sticks), this little man popped up on the fence with his ascot tied perfectly, his Jackie-O shades sitting jauntily on his nose, and little plaid hat affixed on his head. Oh my stars, the hat. I had to look up the real name of it up for our faithful HWSK blog followers (because I didn’t think the proper title was old man golfer hat). It’s not. It’s really called a “flat cap” and now you can rest easy knowing you didn’t just waste two minutes reading this post, but picked up some new fashion lingo to boot. By the way young sir, Prince Charles called and he’d like his “flat cap” back. But seriously, back to the fashion ensemble. Can there be too much plaid in one outfit? Clearly not. My heart’s wish is that you could have seen the skinny jeans that completed the total outfit on this fashion forward tot.





  • Sherri - This is fantastic! Makes me wonder how his parents dress and how much time they’ve spent in Europe. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Amber - Yup. Pretty much a Korean hipster tot. Perfect!ReplyCancel

  • Zayda - Oh my! This is AWESOME!ReplyCancel