Year Two, Week Forty-nine – Bethany


I’ve always had a habit of taking pictures on my phone as a method of note-taking. I see a book that I want to put on my to-read list- I take a picture. I park in a multi-level parking garage and know I’ll never remember my location- I take a picture. I see a favorite store’s operation hours- I take a picture. This habit has become more common now that I live in Korea. I feel more secure with more information, so I hoard pictures waiting for a moment when I can scroll through my thousands of iPhone photos in order to answer a question. For example, some friends of ours are moving out of Korea this week and we went to a goodbye dinner at their favorite restaurant. I really liked the food, but knew that I’d never be able to remember the Hangul I needed to order the same dishes. So, I took a picture of the receipt. When we return to the restaurant, I can whip out my previous order and enjoy a delicious meal. I’ll just have to scan through hundreds of pictures of my dog and funny Kore-nglish signs to find it!