Year Two, Week Forty-Seven – Leah


Oh hats of Seoul. These wide, flat-brimmed caps are widely and boldly worn by Seoul’s younger crowd, particularly high school and college aged people. They most commonly have a random English word on the front and my friends and I often wonder if it’s thought to be cool, or if the wearers really just don’t know what it means to wear the word ‘Drunken’ on your head… or worse things. We usually end up laughing for one reason or another whenever we see these though. My roommate Wendy saw an ajushi (older man) wearing one that said ‘Princess’ once.
These particular hats were being sold at a cute boutique in this little bread/shop/crafty area called Provence up around Munsan (the last stop on the Gyeongui subway line… basically North Korea by comparative proximity).
If you know anything about my dear home state Minnesota, you know that our capital isn’t Sint Paul, it’s Saint Paul. But if the population on there is right, I guess I learned something!