Year Two, Week Four – Jessica


I’ve gotten to experiment a little bit with HDR this year.  My first attempts were on Jejudo last spring.  I tried my hand at it again on our trip to Seoraksan National Park.  Two of our three trips to Seoraksan have been fraught with misfortune.  One trip involved losing my camera and this one included a broken down car.  With view like this, it all seems to be worth it.  We always try to get one of the two rooms on the top floor of the hotel in the park.  These rooms have access to the roof where we get to grill and look out over the park.  Despite my decidedly reformed worldview, I can appreciate the artistic, man-made aspects that have been inserted into nature.  I will never get over seeing people bow to statues though.  As beautiful as this is, it makes my heart ache.

  • Bethany - I love this picture! You’ve inspired me to visit Seoraksan, though hopefully without any unfortunate incidents!ReplyCancel

  • Amber - As I’ve said before- you need to sell this print. Amazing.ReplyCancel