Year Two, Week Fourteen – Cindy


My Christmas season is truly not complete without a trip to the ballet for the beloved Nutcracker. This year, I took my oldest to see it performed by the Korean National Ballet Academy accompanied by the Korean Symphony Orchestra. My neighbor did not tell a tale when she said the dancers looked a little like Polly Pockets with their plasticky blonde wigs snapped on. But what I was not prepared for was the deviation in story line. I had no clue Clara would be replaced by Marie, a scene would unfold involving chugging mugs

of soju? and the second act would include a wedding with the Nutcracker Prince. And please don’t miss the demonic looking sock monkey (vis-a-vis smallish Nutcracker) in the front row. My youngest (whom did not go) looked at this photo and asked why George Washington (aka magician) was in the ballet, followed by her commentary about the monkey creature that really belongs in the circus.

All things considered, I enjoyed the afternoon and appreciated the performance; it was endearingly Korean and memory we’ll treasure. Even if Mother Ginger and her little children were nowhere to be found.

  • Amber - Really beautiful! You are right about the polly pocket men. Why the blonde hair?ReplyCancel

  • Dina Farmer - After years of living in Japan, I’m found that Asian countries in general love to take liberties where they can. It makes no sense….yet, it makes sense there. If that makes sense lol!ReplyCancel