Year Two, Week Fourty-eight – Jessica


This may or may not be true (because I don’t care to do the research at this moment, sorry), but to me it seems like Seoul gets about the same amount of rain in the summer as my beloved home state of Minnesota.  The difference is that in Korea it’s called “monsoon season” and it strikes great fear in the hearts of many a foreigner (much as “winter” strikes fear in the heart of a Floridian).  Do we wear waterproof sandals and get the nasty street water on our feet?  Do we wear rain boots and have our feet sweat to the point that they look like we spent 5 hours in the bathtub?  These are our monsoon season problems, my friends.  This is our third of this feared season and, while we did get some rain and gloomy weather this week, I have yet to understand the hype.  It’s just not all that bad, if you ask me.  Now the heat … well that’s another story.

  • Cindy - Such a very cool photo. You always take the neatest shots of things!ReplyCancel

  • Dina - I love this! I didn’t go there during monsoon season but I know my husband complains about how he has to walk to work and by the time he get there is clothes are damp from the humidity.

    I love this photo BTW.ReplyCancel