Year Two, Week Fourty – Guest

In honor of the anniversary of Ewha Girls High School where I’m the English Conversation Teaher, the school holds an annual ceremony to honor the school’s alumni and celebrate the school. Ewha’s campus is absolutely beautiful. Positioned in the center of Seoul, it doesn’t match it’s concrete surroundings. The grounds are filled with vine covered walls, old brick, trellises canopying beautiful brick paths, tons of trees, sculptures, grassy lawns, and much more of the stuff I miss being in one of the world’s largest cities. It’s a little escape. Also in the center of campus is a absolutely giant outdoor stone amphitheater big enough to seat the school’s roughly 1,500 students. This is where the anniversary ceremony was held on a blazing hot June day. Students were given giant green visors (only in Korea) and mandatorily positioned themselves in the sunny amphitheater while teachers stood in the shade above and watched the crowd to make sure any girls who fainted from the heat were escorted immediately. Meanwhile, the student choir and orchestra sang and played below, also in the sun, while the honored alumni sat under tents beside them. It was a sight to see. I captured this girl, of course in uniform, fanning herself with a folder picturing one of the popular K-pop stars. I think it captures the culture quite well.

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  • Dina Farmer - Totally amazing capture and I believe only something you could see because of what you do! Wow! So hot, though it’s odd that they didn’t have them go inside instead…ReplyCancel

  • Amber - I love it!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Jessica - It’s just SO Korea. They’re like ajummas in training.ReplyCancel