Year Two, Week Fourty – Jessica


One of my favorite children’s books is The Little House, by Virginia Lee Burton.  In this book, there is a cute house situated on a hill in the country with apple trees growing all around.  Eventually the loveliness is replaced by huge buildings and subways and the Little House finds herself neglected and lonely.  When I see scenes like this photo with little buildings and a sweet little church in the middle of skyscrappers, I think of this book.  It really wasn’t that long ago when highrises weren’t even a thought here.  Even that oh so modern invention, Google street view, shows only 2 and 3 story buildings where our 33 story apartment building now sits.

With so many friends moving away this summer, part of me longs to return to the US like the Little House longed to return to her hill.  I could go for a Target run right now.  I wouldn’t mind not thinking about the time change before I iMessage my sister.  I wouldn’t mind returning to the ease and comfort of living in my own culture (even though a country girl I am not).  But, unlike the Little House, I love the hustle and bustle, the buildings and the subway.  Unlike the Little House, I don’t feel like I need to be rescued and returned to my roots.  I am happy to be HERE.  Happy to be HOME.  Can you tell the summer move season has me feeling nostalgic and emotional??

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  • Cindy - What a sweet and lovely story you tell! But it makes me miss you!!!!ReplyCancel