Year Two, Week Fourty-Nine – Jessica


I made a journey to the fabric market in Dongdaemun early this week.  I was looking for a triangular quilting ruler.  There are dozens of vendors selling all kinds of quilting supplies, but only one had the triangle I was looking for.  I had almost given up and had gone to comfort myself with a visit to the Happy Quilt stall when there it was!  The very ruler I had been searching for.  As I walked out of the building, this pair of feet startled me.  This man must turn sideways to get through the opening and then turn, flop on his stool, and he’s ready to make keys!  There are tiny shops like this all over the place, but this was the smallest I’ve ever seen.  I’d be shocked if it was more than two feet by two feet and actually, that seems like pretty generous estimation.  Never waste space!