Year Two, Week Fourty-two – Leah


My roommate and I live just a 15 minute walk from one of the Han River’s biggest shoreline parks. During the daytime you can jump on the long bike trails that run along the river, find a place to picnic or play frisbee (space for which is rare in certain parts of Seoul), get sprayed by the giant fountain, or even attend the occasional thrift market where sellers sit by their open display cases (actually old suitcases) while bargain thirsty people ravish the contents.

The night life of the river though is a whole ‘nother world.  This picture captures a piece of it. It shows a group of probably college aged guys and girls having a spontaneous hip hop dance off. Probably just for some fun on a Friday night. We’d wandered up to them as they were setting up their boom box and film tripod and sat down to watch. Others soon did the same.

On the other side of the river you can see the lights from an Empire of the Sun concert in one of the olympic stadiums.