Year Two, Week Nine—Guest



Our family decided to hike Mt. Naeyeonsan on the mid-eastern coast of South Korea, famous for its 12 waterfalls, fall color, and Bogyeongsa, its one-thousand-year-old Buddhist temple. Our path from the parking lot to the mountain trails led through a tiny town of shops and restaurants.  I was fascinated by sidewalks filled with women sitting on  vinyl-covered tables, rolling out and then folding huge circles of dough.  This elderly woman wielded a huge knife to thinly slice a length of folded dough into noodles, spitting on her hand occasionally to get a better grip on her knife.  Ah, this crazy country, obsessed with cleanliness rituals for “things that touch the ground” and gloves (used for everything EXCEPT medical procedures and food-making).

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  • Amber - I thought I commented on this already! It cracks me UP that she was spittting on her hand…yet don’t let your shoes touch anything other than pavement!ReplyCancel