Year Two, Week Seven – Cindy


Have I mentioned how much I love fall in Korea? It’s really everything summer here is not: crisp, mild, sunny and humidity-free. It is the coup de grace of weather; I have waited months for this and have tried in vain not to squander it because I know this season is fleeting. My friends, winter is coming.

With fall comes some pretty spectacular foliage and I have declared my favorite tree of Korea (drum roll) the Gingko Tree. Growing up down south, we don’t really have these trees around; we’re more of a Magnolia, scraggly Pine, Oak Tree variety. So maybe that’s why I’m kind of obsessed right now with the Gingko. The leaves look like a delicately shaped fan with pretty little ridges and have turned the most spectacular golden yellow this week. I spotted these tumbling along a wall in Itaewon.

Now for all the Ginkgo’s loveliness, there is a rather dark and unpleasant side to its beauty. The Ginkgo berry. Aaahhh, seems these little treasures stink kind of like a 15 year-old’s feet after a hard day crammed in old sneakers that a catfish may or may not have died in. From what I learned, only the female tree gives off these pungent berries of disdain. I ask you, how rude is that? Why couldn’t it have been the male tree, for crying out loud? And for that matter, did you know there are male and female trees? I did not. So thank you HWSK for forcing me to advance my botanical knowledge for the sake of a weekly blog post. I am clearly better for it.

And that’s the rest of the story.

  • Sherri - Really strong photo – framing, color, and focus. But FANTASTIC story – I love learning new things. (And as someone who’s only lived in Michigan, Chicago, and Iowa, this is the WARMEST FALL I’ve ever had – and my first in Korea- I LOVE it! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Gramps - What a sweet post. And I fully plan on stealing your description of autumn as being “weather’s coup de grace”. How true it is!ReplyCancel

  • Jessica - You really have to stop second guessing yourself, Cindy. This is beautiful!ReplyCancel

  • Becca Penn - I just had to laugh about the description of the ginkgo berry! We just have to make sure the men in our lives never know about that little piece of information. 😉ReplyCancel

  • Amber - This is so gorgeous. Great info too! I wondered what that vomit/popcorn smell was.ReplyCancel

  • Lacey Perry - this photo is amazing! I just stumbled upon your blog from Amber’s facebook page…I’m a Noonday Ambassador too. 🙂 I was wondering if you ever sell your images? I would love to have a print of this to frame. again, great pic!!ReplyCancel

    • Cindy - Wow! Thank you! I’ve never been asked this…what a compliment!ReplyCancel