Year Two, Week Seventeen – Jessica


My photos seem to be taking on a café theme.  This week the kids and I visited Heyri Art Village in Paju.  It’s an artsy fartsy little area, full of cafés and all kinds of art.  We wandered around taking in various sights like a 5 foot hotdog statue with arms who was squirting ketchup on his head.  Good stuff.  A stop at a café was in order and we happened to pick the right one, that’s for sure.  It was covered in notes like my favorite ramen shop, but the notes were all colorful.  Other than the notes, the café was decorated in vintage small appliances including an antique cover stitch machine that I may have drooled over slightly.  Slightly.  All three kids fought over a pink rotary phone that they wanted to pretend with.  Of course I had to teach them how to use it, since I am from “the olden days” as one blessed child pointed out.  The tables were all made from old shudders from the old style Korean homes, which I loved.  My latte was lovely and the kid’s hot chocolate was divine.  I completely broke down and got them each their own, which was a HUGE deal for the 2 year old who is usually forced to share with her siblings.  Actually, it may have been a bigger deal for the older two who didn’t have to share!  I couldn’t resist though.  Look at that beautiful hot chocolate!

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