Year Two, Week Six – Cindy


Could Halloween get any better than a gal dressed up as a pumpkin playing a trombone? It’s just not possible. Now she may have a different opinion on the matter. But for me, this was a prime HWSK snapshot moment. And just in case you can’t make them out, the pumpkin playing trumpet boys are in the background. It’s just too good. I tried to find one of these here costumes down in Toy Alley, but nothing doing: must be Everland only signature apparel.  Guess I’ll have to resign myself to grabbing one of those plastic Psy masks from the street vendor over in Itaewon. Or better yet, I’ll just raid my kids’ candy stash. At any rate, the Twix are mine.

Happy Halloween Ya’ll.

  • Bethany - You’re right; it doesn’t get better than this! I love this picture!ReplyCancel

  • Grandma Rita - I just want the wig. Great picture!ReplyCancel

  • Jessica - While they look as happy as one can while playing brass instruments, I do hope they’re paid WELL!ReplyCancel

  • Trish - I am in love with this!ReplyCancel

  • Amber - Great composition and clarity!ReplyCancel