year two, week six – jessica


I wonder if people coming to the US have a hard time getting used to the currency.  Money in South Korea still kind of reminds me of Monopoly money.  If you’re here with the US military, you could get away with almost never using won.  But that would be silly.  Don’t do that.  Get off post!  Let’s face it though, US dollars aren’t the prettiest currency out there.  Yes, the 10,000 won bill is green, but others are yellow (50,000 won), orange (5,000), or  blue (1,000).  I’m just thankful that the exchange rate is usually somewhere around $1 to ₩1,000.  It’s really just an adjustment of zeros.

  • Zayda - I love this photo! Getting used to Won was easy for me because Colombian pesos are similiar. Dollars were harder!ReplyCancel

  • Sherri - Lovely photo of an everyday object! I asked my Korean tutor to explain the stories behind the faces on the money here – tons of history. (I, too, feel like it’s monopoly money. When I took 1,200,000 in cash to the kids’ school for their tuition the secretary was wide-eyed and nervous. There is NO WAY I would have carried that much in US dollars – over $100 made me nervous there.)ReplyCancel