Year Two, Week Sixteen – Cindy


The Mustoy Cafe has been on my “Korea Bucket List” for nearly a year now. I finally had the chance to go check it out last Saturday with blog matriarch, Jessica. Now I was under some mis-guided impression that a Mustoy was some kind of Russian creation. Alas, I was so wrong. Mustoy is the brainchild of a former Korean film director with an artsy brain and time on his hands. Thus Mustoy was born, which is really a fusion of a Chinese character meaning “nothing” and the English word “story.” Nothing-story. Or rather, you create your story from nothing. How clever. My kids had a blast creating their own nothing stories; even the hubby got in on the act and created  “Super-Mustoy” with red cape and all.

Now the HWSK rules state we can’t use any photos of ourselves, but it never said we couldn’t feature our Mustoy. So check out photo-taking, blog-loving Jessica with her trusty camera 🙂

  • Sherr - I’d never heard of “mustoys” and love the idea – so cute!ReplyCancel

  • Grandma Rita. - What a great likeness of Jessica. The curls look great!ReplyCancel

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