Year Two, Week Sixteen – Guest

I’m really excited for our guest blogger today.  She is actually in the US while her husband is in Korea for a year.  Here’s how she’s getting by.  Thanks for joining us Dina!

– Jessica

Dina Farmer Jan 2014

While my husband is away in Korea, I try to keep a routine.  Each day I get up before the toddler and make myself a cup of coffee.  Just trying to wake up at the same exact time every day and making the same thing everyday has really helped me to deal with him being gone.  Also having coffee mugs of places he has been sends me little reminders of him.

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  • Amber - Dina! Welcome! Love this and thankful that you have coffee and mugs to get you by. Hope Korea is treating your hubby well! Come visit okay?ReplyCancel

  • Cindy - Yep! I can so relate!ReplyCancel