Year Two, Week Ten—Guest


The first year I was here, 2010, I attended the Lantern Festival. It was our first major outing and a friend offered to guide us, so with a child on my back and one in the stroller we were off. I’m not sure what was worse, trying to take pictures while pushing a stroller through massive hoards of people, the subway ride or the stench of silk worms that filled the air (and conveniently seemed to be stirred whenever I walked by). I was traumatized.

Needless to say, I hadn’t been back since, but with our PCS approaching I figured I’d give it one more try. This time though, I went solo. It was beautiful. The crowds are surprisingly manageable with no kids to keep track of and apparently I’ve come to tolerate (just barely) the smell of silk worms. As for pictures, I was finally able to get some worth keeping.

So while I’m sure everyone who attended this year has this same photo, I’m proud to call this one mine!

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  • Amber - I love this picture- and even though other people may have the same one I love that THIS is yours and the story behind it! Photography is so much easier without kids to wrangle!ReplyCancel