Year Two, Week Thirteen – Guest


Unfortunately we have been spending many, many hours in the hospital here in Seoul. Fortunately the hospitals here are unlike anything I have ever seen in the states. When you are in the basement of the hospital you feel like you are in a shopping mall – the only difference is there are tons of people wearing hospital PJ’s and pushing around their IV strollers or rolling around in wheel chairs. While in the hospital you can get most of your errands done. We ordered glasses for my daughter which were ready in a hour, bought Christmas gifts, stocking suffers, and we each got a massage! Seriously, a massages at the hospital AND they were good and not overpriced. In fact nothing was overpriced. It was just like shopping on the economy. We bought fruit in the grocery story, munched down on an Annie’s cinnamon pretzel, exchanged money at the bank and mailed our Christmas cards from the post office. We even saw a place to board pets. OH and if you are an outpatient instead of making you wait at the pharmacy you can use one of the hundred ‘Outpatient Prescription Dispensers’! A vending machine of sorts for your prescriptions! How cool is that?

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  • Jessica - This is absolutely priceless. I’ve only been a Korean hospital once, but it was exactly like this. Too funny.ReplyCancel

  • Kathie - Wow! What a hospital!!ReplyCancel

  • Dina Farmer - I love how you made the man that was facing the camera stand out.

    That is amazing! you’d never get anything like that in the states!!! Simply amazing!!ReplyCancel