Year Two, Week Thirty-eight—Amber


This week I got to add another country name to my “visited” list- North Korea. Sure, it was only for about 10  minutes, but I set my feet on the other side of the line that marks the boundary between the North and South. It was an eye opening day to see North Korea with my own eyes and to think about the people stuck on the other side under immense oppression and deception.

  • Sherri - So glad you didn’t get “detained” over there. Nice place to visit, but no one wants to stay…ReplyCancel

  • Dina Farmer - We could have almost been on the same tour! I was there just a week previously! Amazing place to visit but so uncomfortable right? You don’t think at how much stuff has happened there until it is thrown right into you face. Isn’t the quiet there so strange?ReplyCancel