Year Two, Week Thirty – Jessica


Over spring break, my family and I went to Japan. We took the PanStar Dream ferry from Busan to Osaka. We spent about 40 hours total surrounded by ajumas and high school students and were constantly followed by cries of “CUTE” and “where you from?” A few days later a ferry sank. The people on that boat stayed in rooms similar to where we had just said, stood in the buffet line taking more fried chicken than is wise just like we had, and while it sounds like there were no blonde children to pose with, I’m sure they would have done so if they had been given the opportunity. Tragedies happen every day in this world and we take note, but are able to brush it off, releasing ourselves from a constant state of depression. This one is close to home both in the fact that we just took a similar trip and in that our home for the time being

is Korea. It’s tough. It’s personal.