Year Two, Week Thirty-one—Amber


This week, Jessica, Cindy, and I spent some time wandering the photography section of Namdaemun market. I’ve been here several times. It is a chunk of the market that has store after store filled with new and used cameras, camera lenses, tripods, you name it! Unfortunately, yours truly had another camera lens bite the dust when it met the concrete floor in our military housing. (Yes. This is the second time this has happened. Yes…it’s a good thing it was the cheapest prime lens. Yes. I am clumsy. Yes. I have learned my lesson.) I was looking for a particular used lens (Canon 35 mm 2.0 EF for those of you who will want to know- it is discontinued but apparently a great lens and a great price) so we had to go to several shops to see which shop had the lens and for the best price. I found the lens I was looking for after visiting five or six or so shops. Korea is like a little kids’ dream. We had three of our kids with us and as is custom- Korean adults LOVE to give candy to children. Each of our voyages is filled with elderly and middle aged people handing out candy to our children. And us adults encouraging our children to take and eat the candy. Pretty much the opposite of what we do when we are in the us. “Take the candy, honey! That’s so nice. Eat it. Say kansahamnida!” Yeah- I’m pretty sure we are going to have to deprogram them someday when we go back to the states. On our camera lens shopping voyage the kids were given no less than 8 pieces of hard candy, one small vitamin drink (?), and were each given a box of crackers. Yeah. They love it here! This is a photo of one of the hard candy containers kept near the register as I was testing out one of my possible new lenses.