Year Two, Week Thirty-One – Jessica


We also went hiking

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last weekend. We took the “easy” trail. I’m not sure what else to say about that except that my husband and I need to hit the gym. All our attempts at blaming the kids for holding up our group failed as the two big kids bounced along up the mountain. Sigh.

It being a weekend, we hiked along with hundreds of people enjoying the spring weather and the beautiful flowers. If you’re Korean, you hike in clothes that match your boyfriend/husband and you bring ramen, a thermos of hotwater, and kimbap. There might be some sort of law about it, it’s that common. We’re playing the foreigner card to exempt us from the matching hiking gear.

  • Bethany - I have always heard that couples who are together for a long time begin to resemble one another. Koreans take that to a whole new level!ReplyCancel

  • Angela - Apparently you also take alcohol, John went hiking with a friend and an older Korean gentleman insisted that they drink some soju with him!ReplyCancel