Year Two, Week Thirty-seven – Bethany

Fruit Man

During my first week in Korea, I was sitting in my new apartment, windows open, and fighting my jet lag. Suddenly there was this horrible yelling from outside. I looked at the window and saw one of Korea’s many blue Bongo trucks slowly making its way down my road. There was a speaker attached to the truck, and it was blasting this monotone, repetitive Hangul. It reminded me of my visit to Turkey, where I would hear the call to prayer echoing throughout the streets. However, the blue Bongo has a different agenda. Hundreds of these trucks weave through Korean neighborhoods selling fresh fruits and vegetables. Like an ice cream truck, they loudly announce their presence and glide through the streets waiting for someone to stop them. Every time I hear one coming down my road I think of it as the “call to vegetables.”

However, summertime is approaching, and it’s getting hot. What better place for a siesta than your very own fruit truck?

  • Daniel Cho - Love the photo. Ice-cream trucks are bearable but these ones are almost impossible to ignore! Perhaps I’m wrong, and it’s a simple matter of being used to it or not.ReplyCancel