Year Two, Week Three – Cindy


A stunning blue-skied Saturday meant adventure for us. Already up near Incheon to say some farewells at the airport, we decided to check out Wolmi Park. It reminded me a little of a “boardwalk-esque” attraction back home; cheesy/questionably safe carnival rides, deep fried food, and an odd assortment of live entertainment (cue the Korean break dancing duo on the pavillion). But with a blazing blue sky and mild autumn temps, we were soaking in a day by the sea.

My kids loved some of the rides (once we figured out how to actually buy tickets from the little ticket box). Their favorite hands-down was a bumping, jerking, slinging, vomit-inducing ride called the Crazy Crowns. I watched these two cuties (I’m thinking brother and sister) get hurled and tossed around and I roared at that contrast of the two facial expressions. The little guy never let go of his herculean death grip on the bar and his sister was in utter amusement park glee. Every so often she’d reach over and offer a little comfort and then she’d go back shrieking with wild laughter and joy.

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