Year Two, Week Twenty-Six—Amber


Something that you will notice among couples in Korea is a proclivity for matching their significant other. I’ve seen it in couples both young and old, married and dating. These couples entered the restaurant, all in their matching gear. I love my husband, but I don’t think I’ll willingly adapt to this part of the Korean culture and match him.

  • Zayda - Fred and I have matching T-Shirts. Completely unrelated to Korea, since we didn’t know we were even moving here when we bought them. We just both really like the design and we swore never to wear them on the same day. After moving here I’ve been trying to get him to wear it with me just to be silly and he won’t do it! 😛ReplyCancel

  • Sherri - YES! The matching clothes thing for couples is a crazy fashion here. Perhaps it’s like the old “promise” ring – a public indication of a relationship in a time/place where public affection isn’t commonly accepted. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Dina Farmer - Can’t be matching my husband but I love the BBQ places! Oh my gosh makes me miss it so bad!ReplyCancel