Year Two, Week Twenty-six – Bethany

Tea Time

In the process of saying goodbye to one friend and meeting a new one, a group of ladies and I went to a traditional Korean teahouse this week. A Korean friend suggested that we visit it and stated that it is very famous. Since I didn’t know where the restaurant was located, my friends picked me up near my house and drove a mere two minutes to the teahouse.

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I could have walked there; in fact, I have walked there before, but never took the time to visit. Sometimes I get so caught up in the big sites to see that I forget to explore in my own backyard.

  • sonya - what is the name of the teahouse? I would love to go before we leave!ReplyCancel

  • Bethany - I don’t know it in English, but the name is ㅅㅐ소ㄹㅣ 물소ㄹㅣ. It means something about birds singing, I think. It is in Oyadong, a little neighborhood across from the K16 Airbase. You can find more at I hope you enjoy it!ReplyCancel