Year Two, Week Twenty-Three—Amber


This week we HWSK main contributers decided to take a trip to Seoul’s Tteokbokki Town. As there is apparently an area of town for everything, this is the tteokbokki (soft rice cake with sweet spicy chili sauce area). We ventured into a restaurant known for delicious tteokbokki and were treated to one of my top meals and experiences in Korea. The waitresses bring out a bowl filled with broth, soft rice cakes, fish cakes, fried mandu, dried ramen, hard boiled eggs, and a pile of chili spice on the top. You sit and have water with your meal while the mixture simmers down into mildly spicy deliciousness that you eat with a side of pickled radish. I’m not sure if it was the food, the company, my kid-less-ness, or my “I love Korea” mood, but it added up to another great adventure in the city. These girls were at a table near us. I’m hoping their day was as good as ours. Delicious food, great company…I expect it was.

  • Cindy - Such a great photo! I have to agree…one of my top Korean meals too (especially spending lunch with my HWSK peeps)!ReplyCancel