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My roommate and I just moved from Gangnam to Konkuk University. The two areas have both

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significant differences and similarities. The sidewalks are just as crazy busy and packed as Gangnam (main similarity), but a great difference is that we have lost much of the concrete that defines the Gangnam district and exchanged it for markets, nooks with hidden coffee shops, and abundant food and things to do. Our friend Shelly who is moving back to South Africa soon after having taught here for a while, gave us a great tour around our new territory the other night. One of our stops was this little underground bar. It was quiet (we were the only customers for a while) and awesome. I just walked around looking at everything sitting on the ledges and hanging on the walls and ceilings, which all happened to be American stuff. Pennsylvania license plates, Bob Marely and Bob Dylan posters, old bottles of famous American brews (the name of the bar was Woodstock) … An interesting find in Korea. They were also playing older western music that we recognized from our dad’s favorites or from years past of our own favorites.

This wooden counter with cd’s and records behind it, had several figurines. The Johnny Cash with a broken guitar was one of them … But my favorite part of this picture is the paper money from all over the world hanging from the ceiling. We’ll probably be back to chill with friends!

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