Year Two, Week Twenty-Two – Jessica


With this blog, it’s feast or famine.  Some weeks we go somewhere cool and I have lots of photos to choose from and other weeks I’m out shooting on Friday morning just hoping something neat will make it’s way into my viewfinder.  This week it was feast and after weeks of famine, it’s welcome!

We drove down to Pohang to visit friends.  They carted us all over the place, showing us the area.  We went to a town called Chilpo to visit Daewonsa (대원사) or dragon temple.  Chilpo is a cute little village, nestled between the mountains on one side and the East Sea on the other.  Curling it’s way up one of the mountains is a temple in the shape of a dragon.  We pushed aside the orb in the dragon’s mouth (aka exercise ball, painted red) and walked right in.  There were various shrines to see as we made our way to the tail where there is one final Buddha.  Art lines the leaky walls and wires lay in puddles created as the melting snow pushes its way in, but it has to be the coolest temple I’ve been to yet.

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