Year Two – Week Two – Guest

beech ajeema dog2.Sept2013

During a beach stroll over Korean Thanksgiving (Chuseok), I noticed this unusual woman: she was sitting and doing nothing (no garlic cloves, bean sprouts, seaweed, or clams to be seen), she was alone, and she had a pet dog.  My husband pantomimed “picture?” and pushed me forward when she agreed; the woman assumed I wanted a picture of her dog and proudly spent some time trying to pose it.

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Note from Jessica:  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE read Sherri’s blog.  I laugh so hard I cry with almost every post.  Her post on lawn care will have you rolling.  If you’ve been in Korea for a while, it’s fun to be reminded of the things you thought were crazy when you first got here, but that seem normal now.