Year Two – Week Two – Jessica


Sometimes I go out hunting for something to take a photo of.  Sometimes, the photo comes to me.  This one came to me in the form our street being shut down to traffic and a whole lot of people marching/riding down it.  This is my living off post advantage!  While we see marches on the cross street all the time, they’ve never come down our road before.  Our road leads directly into a toll tunnel, so if your goal is visibility for your march, this doesn’t seem ideal.  They marched right down our street and into the tunnel though.  My lack of Korean language skills leaves me with absolutely zero understanding of what was going on.  I’m also confused because the protests I’ve seen are usually really loud with someone yelling into a megaphone, shouting by the masses, and obnoxious music.  This one was more or less silent.  I may not have a clue what was going on, but do appreciate the colorful rain gear Koreans pullout when the weather gets gloomy.

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  • Molly - Looks like the Korean buses have the same paint job as DC Metro Buses!ReplyCancel